2 years ago...

i said, "yes"
its amazing that it has already been 2 years.
i remember that day so clearly, and i remember how special my sweet husband made me feel!! i love that i never saw this coming on that day, and that the whole thing, (including the ring!) was a complete surprise! 

i still get all giggly when i look at it! so beautiful and so perfect for me! 

for people who dont know me that well, i love, love. anything that has to do with love,  i adore it. so naturally we celebrate this day. (i celebrate almost anything "love" related that i can) 
how do we remember this sweet day?
oh i am so glad you asked
on the day that nick asked me to be his wife, he bought me a dress. it is gray, it has a hood and it is comfy. so, every year around this time he buys me a dress. i now have a total of 3 engagement day dresses.
i wont be wearing any of them this year-- at least not yet! 
the one i got this year, is a little more on the fancy side... and i can not wait to wear it on my birthday, and at Christmas. i love that we have this sweet little tradition that reminds us of this special day. 

i love you, nick! being your wife has been the most wonderful adventure, and i know it is only going to get better! 
here is one more photo... 



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