the moment he became daddy.

 i remember the first moment i saw my sweet husband become a daddy.
it was not the day we saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test.
it was not the day that we found out that we were having a little lady.
it was not the day that i fell flat on my tummy & had to go to the emergency room.
it was not any day in between those either.

certainly he was an amazing father to be.
he was loving & caring & a little bit excited.
but {as i am sure i have said before}
my sweet husband does not really get all that excited until the real thing happens.
i had no doubts in my mind that nick would make an incredible father. if i did, i would not have become his bride.
nick had zero experience on what it meant to be a daddy.
he was not used to being around little ones.
the idea of becoming a daddy was pretty new to him, before he met Jesus he didnt think about having kids. ever. 
so, here i was just about 41 weeks pregnant. & tossing & turning in my bed. when suddenly the unveiling of what type of a daddy nick would be started to happen. he walked through 20+ hours of labor with me & each minute that ticked by another glorious piece of 'daddy' was revealed. 

do you remember the moment your husband became a daddy?
because i do. 
when i think about it, i want to sit down & have a good ugly cry.
because that moment, the moment i saw him change from a  'soon to be daddy' to a real life 'daddy' was one of those fall in love all over again moments. 
it was this moment that changed everything. 

  i will never forget looking into his eyes & seeing him cry at the sight of his baby girl.
i will never forget how that sent me over the edge & that was the only time in 20+ hours i let tears fall out of my eyes.
to know nick before margaret was born, is amazing, because you get to see the transformation so beautifully. nick is by far the most amazing, incredible, loving daddy that i could have ever imagined. he is a complete natural, & our lady baby loves him so intensly that i think she might explode at the sight of him, & honestly i think he might explode at the sight of her. these 2 love eachother with all that they can & its amazing to see. 

i am so thankful for so many things about nick.
thankful that:
- he woke up every 2 hours {or so} for 3 months while i nursed out daughter. 
- not only would he wake up, but he would pray with me & rub my back. 
- he understands that somedays all i do is sit in the same chair all day & hold our baby girl. {& he never complains about a messy house.}
- he takes maggie when i need to just relax & gets her calm & laughing again in no time.
- he puts her to sleep almost every single night. {thanks babe!}
the LORD has done something amazing in my husband, & i could not be more thankful, more blessed, or more excited about what he has done. 

hi. i know today did not go as planned.
like really not as planned.
i am sorry.
but thanks for loving it anyways.
for loving us, & taking such amazing care of your ladies.
we love you.
a latte.
{i promise that next date night we will go to Chinese or Thai or maybe even pho. just kidding. maybe.}


  1. Oh Ally, I love reading your posts. Such a beautiful God-centered marriage you have. Gives me hope :P

  2. happy father's day to your hubby!!!

  3. all these posts for Daddy's made me cry like a baby. Loved this one. Happy Father's Day, Nick!

  4. Awe, I'm crying. I can vouch he's a pretty good Daddy! ;) Love you three!


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