10 things i want to make this summer.

ahh. pintrest.
its so wonderful to have a place to organize my ideas.
here are 10 things i want to make this summer.


i love this. i am sure it would be so cute on our coffee table. 


we need these for our bed. its perfect for me & my sweet husband. 


Source: bhg.com via Ally on Pinterest

um, this is the best idea. so cute. so practical. so something we need. 


i love the idea of hanging our towels. our apartment kitchen is very small & lacking storage space. i could free up an entire drawer just by hanging our towels. 


how cute are these?! {although, i need more silverware like i need a hole in my head...} 


i adore this skirt. & really would wear it almost everyday. 


only, i think i would add pearls instead of studs. or maybe some flowers. 


i have about 3 little ladies to make this for. as well as my own little lady. 


Source: ohdeedoh.com via Ally on Pinterest

is it to late to make this & hang it in maggie's room? {i sure hope not.} 


so, this does not have to be finished by summer. nick & i decided a few weeks ago that for maggie's first birthday we are going to make this together. its going to be so fun & i am so looking forward to a play kitchen that looks adorable in our house & that maggie's mama & daddy spent time on just for her! 

what things are you hoping to make this summer? 



  1. I can't wait to see hour masterpieces!

  2. someday, when I'm a Grandma, with no kids living in my home and hopefully the use of my brain and fingers, I will join you :)
    for now, I'll watch and admire your work!

  3. we were made to be friends. you know that, right? :)

  4. danielle, i am learning that more & more each day! we were for sure meant to be friends. so, lets do just that! :)


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