oh, hello.

i think that this week has gone by way to quickly,
& much to slow at the same time.
ever have those weeks?

my pearl girl turned 7 months old this week.
{how the heck did that happen?!}
i'll be posting her little update soon.

tomorrow is fathers day, & i had a whole bunch of things planned.
but then some things happened so i am scrambling to rearrange these plans. 
{dont ya hate when that happens?}

it was so nice & beautiful here in seattle yesterday.
almost felt like summer.
& today it is raining. big surprise. 

{lets hope tomorrow is better..}

i painted my nails a minty green color. 
& i love it.
i also cut around 4 inches {or more..} of my hair off.
i didnt know how bad it needed to be cut until i did it. 

i have some really great posts coming up...
i hope you will stick around & come back to read what i have to say. 

alright, i am off to go snuggle my lady baby who is waking up next to me. {we are having sleep issues.... a g a i n...}
anyone have any ideas on how to get your 7 month old to actually take a nap? or sleep until later than 5am?  we are not a fan of the 'cry it out' method, but any other ideas would be amazing!

i love you, & i am thankful for you all. 

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