spring cleaning.

i have pretty much been in "spring cleaning" mode this week.
okay, more like "spring purging". the "cleaning" will come next.
so far i have 5 boxes and a tote bag full of things to sell, donate, consign, or get rid of. it feels awesome. 

and since its pretty obvious, i did some "spring cleaning" on this little blog too! well, i didn't actually do it. my sweet bloggy friend, Jhen did it for me. she did an incredible job at creating a fresh, clean, and beautiful new space for me to write. if you are reading this in a reader, or via email, you should come check out the design, because its really lovely. {thank you Jhen!!}

just wanted to pop in, say hello & show off my fancy new space. back to the kitchen i go. the dishes are calling my name. 



  1. Love, love, love the new blog look, friend. :)

  2. LOOOVE your new blog design SOOO much!!! Is that "Witness" on your sidebar?! I have it on mine too :) hahahah!

    1. it totally is!! it's pretty close to my favorite font.


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