a walk in the park

today we woke up to some beautiful {but cold} sunshine. 
i sent a text to my friend, heidi, about going to the park at some point. so, after naptime we headed to their house, ate some lunch & played a bit before heading out to the park. 

i bet you can tell what picture i did NOT take. 
maggie seriously loves heidi, her husband justin & their sweet little ones, DP and E; but the girl has a serious soft spot in her heart for DP. there is not another soul her makes her laugh the way that he does. he is such a good protector of her and i am thankful she has such a special little boy to be her friend. they played on the rock walls, and swings together, and i took maggie up and down the slide 25 times {at least}. she loves the park. we spent the last part of our time taking a nice long walk. and maggie walked pretty much the entire way. she had the most fun. 
i just love the picture that heidi took of them walking together. i think it needs to be framed and put in maggies room. 

now, i am just sitting drinking some tea while the little lady takes a nap all the while planning on what i am going to wear on my date tonight. today is a great friday. 


  1. Such a beautiful day! I loved every moment of this glorious sunshine. My kids were nuts and didn't even want to wear sweaters.


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