psalm 32

this morning i woke up, turned on my coffee pot & threw some trader joes blueberry scones in the oven {they are soo good.} 
my maggie girl was still sleeping so i settled down on the couch and turned on the today show. & i was hit by this huge wave of conviction. "ally, you have time to yourself, spend it with me." so i listened. and i was blessed. 

nick and i have been camping out in the book of psalms for the past 2 weeks. we have been walking with Jesus through a really hard transition {which i will be talking about SOON.} and we have been finding great joy and comfort in the words of Gods spoken through David. i really love psalm 30. i really, really love it. it talks about how joy comes in the morning. i mean, who doesnt love that? but i didnt feel like that is what Jesus wanted me to read today. so i turned the page and came across psalm 32. in an instant i underlined pretty much the whole thing. but this is the part that really stuck with me - as we have been talking about Jesus being our hiding place, about having the Lord use this time to teach us. this was just what i needed. 

i just feel so much peace when i read those words. He is my hiding place. He delivers us. but more importantly, He will instruct me and teach me in the way that i should go. YES, YES, YES LORD. INSTRUCT ME. TEACH ME. SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO.
i want to shout that at the top of my lungs. i feel so much joy in those words. those promises that the Jesus will tell me and teach me and show me where we are going next, what we are doing, and what he wants for my life. those words are so loving, the rush over me like a cool wind on a hot day, 'i will counsel you with my eye upon you'- i feel so much love from my father in heaven with those words. it is as if i seriously could burst open at the tenderness of those words. God is going to counsel me, with his eye watching out for me. i have never trusted him more than i do reading those words.  

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