i know that i am a day late. 
but i am still thankful.

right now i am siting awake at my parents house suffering from a severe case of insomnia along with christmas morning excitement to go shopping in just about 2 hours. i think i have slept for about 2 hours. but honestly, who can sleep in a bed with your husband and your crazy 1 year old who needs a jet engine fan blowing to sleep & who sleeps at an angle taking up at least half of the bed? {not me.}
but i am not complaining. i actually am 100% ok with this no sleep thing tonight. or last night. or whatever. 

i am so thankful for my little family and all the blessings we have been given.
i am thankful for:

my husband. he loves and serves me every.single.day. he is such a huge blessing to me and i am so thankful that Jesus saw it fit for us to be married.

my daughter. she is full of joy, she gives us such joy, she is a constant reminder that i need my savior & being her mama has sanctified me in so many ways.

my family. i loved having our non traditonal, crazy loud, thanksgiving dinner. sometimes having a large, loud family can be overwhelming, but i wouldnt change it for anything.

my Jesus. oh, he is the thing i am most thankful for. without him i am nothing. he is my strength, & it is only by his grace that i can do this life.

my friends. i know i am not as good as a friend sometimes as i should be. i am working on it. but i really have the best friends. i am so thankful i get to walk through life with them.

this blog. i have been terrible at blogging lately, but i am still so thankful for this little space of mine. it has been an amazing year since i really got 'serious' about blogging, and i have met some amazing ladies, shared deep parts of my heart, & found something to do that makes me feel more like me. 

being a stay at home mama. i really am thankful for this one. it is something that i never thought would work & through my entire pregnancy i never imagined i would be at home with my lady. i am thankful that the LORD provides and for my husband who works hard to make this dream possible. i do not take it for granted. at all.

i am thankful for so many other things, but it is nearing 2:30am and i should try to maybe get another half hour of sleep... or just go wake up my mama like i used to on Christmas day. hmmmm...

happy thanksgiving friends. i am thankful for you.


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