sick day {again.}

Source: etsy.com via Catherine on Pinterest

we are having another sick day over here. 
i am not sure what the deal is with us getting sick so often.

we had to run to target to get some cold meds for me and some stuff to make dinner for community group {i am making this soup} 
i got maggie out of the car and put her in the cart. 
she sat down and snuggled herself into the seat like this:
i felt like the worlds worst mama taking this girl to the store, but we had to go. i made a quick run through the little lady clothes and almost peed my pants with excitement. all the new clothes they have are so adorable. like i wanted to put a thousand things in my cart. {dont fret sweet husband, i didnt.well i did, but i put it all back.}
i am hoping that she gets some of those sweet clothes for her birthday. 

so since we are having a sick day, i thought i would share with you a few of my favorite 'pins' as of late. 
are you ready?

wouldnt this be the sweetest gift?

Source: etsy.com via Ally on Pinterest

maggie is going to be an owl for halloween & i cant wait to make this for her. 

we are planning on getting some family photos soon... and i want this pose! 

i am planning on making this for dinner this week. trying to get creative with our veggies. 

and i think that this would be a perfect saturday morning treat. 

Source: etsy.com via Ally on Pinterest

totally need this for maggie pearls room. 


also interested in this pose for family photos. 

and this one tooo.

i am off to get some things done before my sick lady baby wakes up. 

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  1. poor baby :( Hope she's well soon and I hope she sleeps okay for you.
    Just remember to take really good down time - say NO to prior engagements and soak up cuddle time with her :)


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