my husband...

today was a 'snow day'. we got a few inches of snow last night, and my sweet husband had today off anyways, so we spent it bundled indoors, getting some housework done, playing with baby bird, making dinner for some sweet friends and enjoying time as family.

lady baby is still sick, and we are all hoping that this cold leaves her as quickly as it came. sucking out a baby nose 3 times a day is not my (or hers for that matter) favorite thing to do. 
i am hoping to post a really yummy recipe tomorrow, (the one i talked about here) and also an update on all the fun crafty things i have been making and dreaming of making lately. 

day twenty one
Day 21.  Write a letter to your husband to encourage him (or if you are single- your future husband.)
my dear sweet husband::
who would have thought that just 2 and a half years after meeting we would be sitting in an apartment, together, laughing about how sweet our baby girl is?! i am so much more in love with you than i was before. watching you become a daddy is probably the most beautiful thing i have seen. you were made to be a daddy and i love seeing you grow each day. the way that you care about me is so selfless and so loving. i appreciate how hard you are working for our little family. i am so thankful that you wake up each morning after not sleeping enough and go to work. it truly helps me see that when i have to go back, i will be able to work on little sleep. thank you for always leading me to the LORD, and praying for us daily.i love watching you serve the LORD at church and in community. your willingness to do what he has called us to do is something i cherish about you. i am so thankful that in a few short weeks we get to celebrate the 2 years of marriage Jesus has blessed us with. i love you nicky. a latte. :)
your girly grr 

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