twenty two and twenty three.

i loved today.
even though i have barely seen my cute husband,
i have loved today. 
this morning while nick was getting ready for work, i got ready to go spend the day at my parents house. maggie and i left a little after he did for work, and showed up at my parents house around 8:30 in the morning. there is something special about driving somewhere in the morning. there is something even more special about being at 'home' in the morning too. i really miss getting up and sharing my first cup of coffee with my mama and my dad before my brothers were awake. we always had the best conversations and laughed at the silly things that happened during our week.anyways, i spent the day with my mama and brother, with visits from 2 of my aunts and a cousin. my mama took me grocery shopping and then because it started to snow and my car is having some issues, my family drove me and miss maggie home to my sweet husband, and helped unload our groceries. 
i loved today.

day twenty two
Day 22.  What are some needs that need to be met in your community?  Blog about how to extend your hand to those who need you.
this is interesting because in our community group (which is like a bible study, but deeper) we were talking about this. i honestly dont know my community that well to know alot about what is needed, but i do know that where we live there are a few really great organizations that help single mamas. i would love to be able to be more involved with one of them. i can make up a million reasons why we are not, but it is for sure something that we need to start praying about. 
day twenty three
Day 23.  What are your strengths?  What are your weaknesses?
i feel so silly when i write about these things. i dont really have that much trouble coming up with weaknesses, but i have some trouble admitting to strengths. i'll just make a list and go from there. 
i am a good listener
i am compassionate
i am kind
i am loving
i am selfish
i am proud
i have a hard time trusting
i am prone to discontentment. 

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  1. Nothing is better than having your family also be some of your best friends. Sounds like a lovely day.


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