3 and a half weeks,,,

i have so many photos to upload, from 3 sweet baby showers for our sweet maggie, but right now my apartment smells like fresh banana bread, and brewing coffee. its a sweet treat for me to enjoy with my husband when he arrives home. i hope he likes it. yesterday he blessed me with some really sweet flowers, so today, its baked goods for him!

i am starting to understand that in a few weeks, (3 and a half?!) our home will be very different. a sweet little lady will be here! i can not wait! 2 weeks ago i took some time off work and really finished alot of projects that needed to get done around here, and it feels so good to know that our "to do" list is getting smaller. it's a huge blessing that the LORD gave me so much energy 2 weeks ago to get all those things accomplished. i see his grace all over my apartment. its wonderful.

i had a doctor appointment this week, and everything is looking good... i got to see a really fuzzy ultrasound of our little lady, and she looks so cute! she looks so big compared to how she looked at 20 weeks. it made me really excited to kiss her sweet lips, and see her for real! our doctor estimated that she will be around 8 pounds... so now we are taking bets to see who is right!

my goals for this week are to really finish up the lady's room... and pack our hospital bag in an actual bag (not just, i know where all the things are...) get some photo's taken of nick and i together, post some photo's of my sweet showers, and unpack a few more boxes, and put a few more boxes in storage... as well as the daunting task of reorganizing my pantry. and next week, is all about deep cleaning... the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, carpet, windows, everything! OH and it is my last week of work! Jesus is so good!

xoxo- A

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  1. How exciting this is. A 6 pounder. I can hardly imagine, but oh so wonderful for you. I won't wish the good ol' 9lbs 24" baby like I had : ) on you!! Though he is sweet and loveable. It won't be long now. So thankful you got things done and are feeling more ready for little Maggie Pearl. Love ya. Scone


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