this weekend.

today, i dont start work until the afternoon. which is very strange for me. in the 4 years that i have worked for starbucks i have worked only a handful ( a semi good sized, handful) of afternoon or evening shifts. i almost dont know what to do when i have a morning to myself, but not have the day off. i suppose that is not important. needless to say, it was wonderful to be able to sleep in, because i feel like i might be coming down with a cold. which is exactly what i dont need right now. hoepfully i slept it off. at least i am praying that is what happened.

this weekend is f u l l. we are doing SO much in 3 days, its unbelievable. it is going to be so fun, and such a sweet weekend, but it is going to be alot, and i am praying that we can make it and still feel rested (somewhat) on monday. here are some fun things we are looking forward to:

*Date Night:
we only have a few of these left before our lady comes! this week we are planning (as long as it is not wet and rainy) to go to the fair. we like it for about 3 reasons.
  1. the photo booth.
if anyone knows me, they know how much i adore photo booths.it is seriously one of those
things that brings me such joy. together, nick and i have 2 from the fair, one we made ourselves for our "save the date" cards for our wedding, and one from our
1 year wedding anniversary trip to the ace hotel, in portland. i am excited and a little curious how we are going to fit into the tiny booth this time, but i am sure going to try!

2. corn dogs.
there is no story to go with this. i just like them. alot.

3. a brick of fries.
that is all nick.

*birthing class.
all.day.long. on saturday. we are excited, but that is going to be the thing that kills us this weekend. it is all day, like 9-5. gross. but totally worth it. (i hope.)

* baby shower vol.1
i am really excited because some really lovely ladies from our church have planned a really sweet cocktail party for me and little miss maggie. i am really looking forward to being around all of them in one room, sharing good food, and good laughter. lets just hope i can decide what to wear!

*birthing class, again.
but on sunday, its only for like 4 hours i think.

* my dad is turning 55 on sunday.
i am really excited to celebrate the 55 years that the LORD has blessed him with, and look forward to the many more that he will hopefully bless him with. i really love my dad.

that is what we are looking forward to this weekend. and right now, i need to stop daydreaming and go get ready for work.


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