this post is all for my sweet husband. it is amazing to think that this month we have been married for a year and a half.


i know that the last few months have been extra hard.
the house is barely ever clean, let alone organized, dinner is rarely made, and i always seem to have a list 1 mile long of things i need help with.
i am sorry.

you have been such a giant help, and a huge encourager to me!
i am so thankful that the LORD blessed me with a patient and kind husband
who doesn't mind making sure that everyone around him is comfortable.

thank you for always putting yourself 2, and me first.
thank you for teaching me a quicker and more efficient way of doing the dishes,
and for eating frozen dinners or wacky meals that are just easy for me to make.
thank you for not complaining when we are out of milk for 3 days in a row, but for eating oatmeal instead.

i love you. i love you for never making me feel guilty about being behind on housework,
instead you lovingly encourage me to get things done.
thanks for dealing with all the emotions that come with being pregnant,
and taking most of what i say during those times with a grain of salt.

thank you for praying for me every day when i get up to go to work...
and for listening to me hit the snooze button.
thank you for letting me call you at 3:50am while i walk to my car
because i am scared of walking there in the dark alone.
thank you for packing me a lunch and bringing it to me on your way to work
so that i can sleep for just "10 more minutes."

more than all of those things, thank you for praying with me,
for praying for me, for asking and encouraging me pray even when i havent
wanted to. thank you for reading the bible to me, and to miss maggie.
thank you for loving me the way that Christ loves the church.
you are a sweet treasure.
thank you for reminding me how
to fall in love- with Jesus first and then you.

i love you snick... and i am very much looking forward to growing old with you
, for raising our babies ( can you seriously believe we are having a baby?!)
and for learning more and more about who the LORD is
and what his desire is for our lives.

i'll love you as long He will allow.


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