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when we first found out that we were adding another little lady to our family, my mind expoled with all things glittery and gold and floral and peachy pink. which is not that big of a surprise since i often think of all those things whenever i think of decorating, (my poor husband...)
i started pinterest boards and added every peach and gold nursery i could find. 

it didnt take long for me to decide that we would switch maggie to a bunk/loft style bed and make a little play area underneath it. she loves it and calls it her 'bunk house' which is one of my favorite things. this weekend we are hanging up the closet shelves, rearranging the room and starting to get it all ready for our little ladies to share. i'll do a little post about it all when its finished, or you can check it out on instagram - i'll warn you though, that it wont be pinworthy and it wont look like any of these inspiration pictures that i have, but it will look like our real life and isnt real life much more beautiful anyways?





you can find all the links to these photos on my pin boards
Visit Ally's profile on Pinterest.

i am so excited to see how it turns out using things we already have, things that were given to us, and a small small budget!

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  1. Fun idea!!!!

    My oldest daughter's room is a soft lovely pink so I knew I wanted to go with something different. Baby #2's room is going to be a soft orangey peach. My biggest struggle now is in going with a similar look (shabby chic) but making it all individual and her own. Unique but in the same vein. I'll totally share pictures when we're done. Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later. LOL


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