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i have like 23 heart heavy posts swirling around in my head, but its not nearly as fun as all the baby stuff i could talk about. so instead of bearing my soul today and sharing all the hard stuff that is going on inside my heart and mind, i'll share with you some fun baby planning things! i mean, its friday. the day for doughnuts and cheering on the weekend -  so why not!

we dont really NEED a lot of things for miss molly.
by things i mean, clothes and nursery furniture. 
but we do need some things because i was a dummy and threw them away.
like we dont have any pants for a baby (? ? ? why would i toss those?) or socks.
but most of the big things that we need are taken care of, either by buying used or our amazing 
'buy nothing' group on facebook. do you have one of those where you live? we have been given so much for NOTHING. like 2 nights ago we didn't have a closet in the shared girls room, but by the end of the night we had a free one (exactly like the one i wanted to buy but just couldnt right now.)
SO amazing. 

i felt a little awkward making baby registries for my second baby, especially my second girl. but the truth is, who keeps things like pacifiers and bottles and things like that when your babies are 4 years apart?  so, i did it anyways and set up registries at babies r us and target

the coolest thing about the target registry is that i can make a sub list inside my registry that is my 'most wanted' items - which i think is helpful because then people can see what you really need or what you really want. i always struggle with that, "do they really want that bottle brush? or would they rather have me go in with a friend for the sound machine?" anyways, i thought that was a pretty neat feature. Here are a few of my 'most wanted' baby items for miss molly-
all my changing pad covers are old - they were hand me downs with maggie. a new sound machine, this amazing pack'n'play that folds up super easy and small!, DIAPERS - all sizes, these cute little blocks -because i threw a bunch of baby toys away (?), all the honest co. baby essentials, the ubbi diaper pail (our diaper champ is long gone.), infantino silicone elephant (because sophie the giraffe is $20 bucks, and not nearly as cute as this!),  and i think i settled on the chicco natural fit bottle - they don't have a lot of pieces and i like that.

its been so fun picking out pacifiers, and crib sheets and all the other essentials too. after dreaming of another baby for the last 3 years, i loved getting to actually 'pick' some things out for her!
what are some baby essentials that you recommend? is there anything i could be forgetting?

** i linked our registries to this post, for friends and family, if you are curious. 

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  1. You know, a friend of mine kept everything and then it turned out that her second daughter was a winter baby and her first baby was a summer baby - so nothing lines up.
    So yah, even when you save stuff - you just never know.
    I'm a big purger so I only kept the expensive stuff (like stroller, play yard, car seat).
    I ended up not having any clothes.
    Thank heavens our families have been hooking us up.
    We btw just bought that sound machine this week. We've tried it out and it's pretty nifty.


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