the story behind her name.

"Oh, Molly June is such a sweet name!"

its a comment i hear often. 
i always agree. it holds such sweetness. 
the story behind it holds a lot of sweetness too.

Ive talked before about my relationship with my dad. 
He adopted me when i was 18, after raising me as his own daughter my whole life.
my biological dad has not had any contact with me since i was born, and my dad
has been with me and my mom since i was a baby. 
he didnt have to be my dad, but he wanted to be, and that makes me feel very blessed.

im constantly grateful for the fact that he decided to be with my mom.
grateful i didnt have to grow up being bounced from one house to another.
grateful that i had a dad in my life, to love and support me.
(and also to tease me and drive me crazy)
having a dad is a special thing - everyone has one but not everyone gets to 'have' one. 
does that make sense?
its a relationship i have never taken for granted. 

my dad didnt have the easiest life growing up. 
his parents were divorced.
he was the youngest of 6.
and to top it all off, his mama was killed by a drunk driver when he was a young boy.
i cant imagine going to bed, expecting your mom to be there when you wake up
and waking up to the news that someone who shouldnt have been driving, was and that 
it took your mama's life.
its awful.
to grow up without your mom. 

i have heard about his lovely mom, my whole life.
i have heard about how special she was to him.
Molly June, was her name and as a young girl there was always dreams and chatter of
someday naming my own baby Molly. 

all my love molly
when we had Maggie, she just seemed like a Maggie. 
but as soon as i saw those 2 pink lines this time, i knew that if the baby i was carrying was a girl,
her name would be Molly June. 
it just felt right.

i often wonder about how i could adequately thank my dad for all that he has done for me,
for all that he has given me.
this felt like a way that i could give honor to an honorable man. a way that i could carry him with me forever and ever, a way to tie him and i together as family even more than adoption.
i felt like naming my girl, Molly June, was a way that i could tell him 'thank you'.
its a sweet name, for a sweet girl, named after a sweet lady who raised a man who changed my life. 
i cant wait to get to tell Molly this story, and how we picked her name. 


  1. That is the sweetest story. She's going to love it.

  2. This is THE sweetest thing ever. Tears. What an honor for him. I can't wait to meet your Molly June!


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