Hey guys!! Its officially November!
there is a chill in the air,
red cups at starbucks (got mine this weekend. eggnog latte, mmmmm)
Christmas has arrived at target,
and my husband decided to burn the evergreen scented candle we have. 
the holidays are here.
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every year i try to do some type of "thankful" post on social media during November. 
i know, its not original, and can be slightly annoying, but the truth is, during these darker, wetter, colder months i need to force myself to find things to be thankful for. especially during the holidays.
i can easily grow weary and anxious and ungrateful during this time, and the "well if only..."'s start to creep in and i dont want them there. in an effort to keep my heart in check, its helpful for me to see all the grace, and be thankful for something every single day during this month, and beyond. 

my friend Kim, asked people on facebook and instagram to join in with a hashtag challenge for the month of November called, #gratitudeAdjustment and i quickly said, "YES YES YES" because that is just what i need, a gratitude adjustment.

i would love for you to join in too, or just follow along on instagram. seeing what other people are grateful for really helps change my perspective and gets me excited about what the Lord has done in peoples hearts.
i'll also be posting here every day or so with my pictures and scribbles of thankfulness. i have got to write these things down or surely i will forget them.

So, here are my first 3 days of #gratitudeAdjustment

I'm thankful for a little nacho date and shopping for our girls birthday. Time away with my husband is my favorite, and he makes me laugh like no one else.
It's been a hard season for our family regarding church, & it's been a while since we have gone. We have watched Jesus do some really beautiful things with the brokenness around us, and attending the first meeting for our new church tonight is for sure one of them. We are so excited to be on board and to watch Jesus work on the Eastside. I'm grateful today for a room full of nearly 200 familiar faces who are all excited about what Jesus is doing with Redeemer Church.

It's never been more clear to me than in this time, that it doesn't matter where you go to church, we are all part of a bigger family, and it's all because of Jesus that we get to be a family.

Today's #gratitudeAdjustment is being thankful for that sweet girl playing on the floor and for her sister squirming in my belly. Today was especially tough with an argumentative almost 4 year old and an equally argumentative almost 27 year old. I'm grouchy, and so is she but it's days like this that I need to remind myself to be grateful for her. These girls are a blessing and why Jesus saw fit to have me be their mama is a mystery that I am grateful for.

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