i'll be here.

i gave up on writing in this space, again.
because i didnt know what to say. 
i didnt want to write.
and thats ok.

but today as i tried not to cry in the drive thru line at starbucks, because my keurig decided to not turn on anymore and i couldnt go on with today unless i had coffee, i realized that i miss it.
i miss putting my thoughts into words. 
i miss having a pace to write.
my husband says he misses it too, and since i can always count on him to be a reader of my blog, i guess i should start writing again.

there probably wont be a lot of pictures (because thats what i use instagram for, i guess) 
but i have lots of words to share.

i remember when i was pregnant with maggie and i had alllll the time in the world to write. and i didnt ever write in this space.
i remember regretting that a lot over the last 4 years, because i dont have much to look back on about that pregnancy.

so i'll be working on catching you all up to speed with this sweet baby inside me.
and i'll be working on catching up with the posts i told people i would write for them.
and i'll be working on sharing all the changes going on with our family.
and i'll be working on sharing what is going on in my heart as i prepare to become a mama of 2 little ones.
and i'll be working on writing a post everyday in november about what i am thankful for, even if its a sentence or 2 - at least it will get me writing. 

i'll be here. 
with my big belly full of kicks and wiggles and my cup full of warm apple cider. 

i hope you'll join me. 

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