the first day of school.

so, i went a little MIA there again.
i guess that happens when you are battling the first trimester and trying to soak in every last drop of summer with your kid before school starts.

i know, i know. its just preschool. 
but preschool is big. 
like, i officially dont have a baby maggie any more.
she packs a back pack, goes potty on her own, and goes to school.
its wild.

watching her grow has been my greatest joy.
she has taught me more about bravery than i could have imagined.
she is so ready for school. so ready to be on her own a little bit.
i wasnt worried. i wasnt sad. it was bittersweet.
watching a chapter of our life end, and a new one start has been more magical than i imagined. 
its only been 2 days - but i can feel deep in my bones that this is just what my girl needs. 
i battled the mom guilt all summer.
"i said i would never send her. i swore i would homeschool." 
but the truth is, Jesus said, " send her. she needs it. you need it. you are not failing her."
and its true. i am not. i am doing just what Jesus asked, and it feels sweet to be in that place.

maggie woke up on her first day of school, excited.
she ate her breakfast, got dressed and ready without a fuss.
she let us take a million pictures of her, without a tear.
she told us she was only a teeny bit nervous, and asked us to all hold hands together
while we prayed in the car before drop off.
she is such a gem.
Her favorite color is green.
she wants to be a mama when she grows up, and have 2 kids. 
she is obsessed with my little pony. 
Maggie is 39.5 inches tall and grew a little over an inch this summer. 
her legs are long, and her heart is full. 
she is brave, encouraging and hilarious. 

i want to be just like her when i grow up.


  1. She is an amazing, crazy girl. And you are an awesome mom, not every one is made to homeschool, I'm glad you ate sensitive to the Spirit and were obedient! God job my friend!


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