the first 4 months

oh man. i cant believe that i am 16 weeks pregnant this week. this is going by a lot faster than i thought. i wanted to do weekly updates on this blog about this pregnancy, but lets be real - in between feeling disgusting, summer fun, and constantly needing a nap, i had no energy to write anything for the first 4 months.

you all probably dont even care that much about any of this stuff, but i want to remember how i felt this pregnancy - i dont remember that much about being pregnant with maggie and that makes me kind of sad.

for the first 10 weeks i was so nauseated, so tired, and not feeling very great. i was bloated, and chubby and ive gained more weight than i wanted (even though i am not eating crazy foods in obscene amounts.) i have not thrown up, but have been gaggy plenty of times. thanks to zofran i was able to keep my anxiety about throwing up under control - taking it for the intense nausea i woud get typically in the early morning, late afternoon and bedtime. i have craved all the sour things - candies, lemonade, sour fruit - Potatoes, cheese, icy cold drinks, peaches, soup, and cereal.
thankfully the intense nausea was gone (Daily) at 10 weeks. 
i have been wearing maternity clothes for at least the last month, and the amount of non maternity items that are comfy are dwindling by the day. i learned the hard way with maggie, that if you wear your regular clothes for too long, they get permanently stretched out (kinda like your belly skin) and i want to avoid that with my favorites.


we have not purchased anything for this new baby yet, and probably wont until we find out the gender in a few weeks. we did decided it would be silly to try and squeeze this baby into our teeny closet in our room and just have the kids (kids?!) share a bedroom.

i started feeling baby movements around week 12, but knew for sure it was little flutters (And not gas/hunger/indigestion) during 14. we have had 3 ultrasounds so far (no reason, just a hard to locate heartbeat) and it has been so amazing to watch our baby grow. getting to see the baby at 6, 8, and 12 weeks has been so cool. Maggie has been to all the appointments and been able to see baby and hear the heartbeat. its so great to watch her get involved - she is taking her role as big sister very seriously and i am thankful to see how excited she is.

We decided to change things up a bit with this baby, and switch from an OB to a group of really amazing Midwives. the experience to far has been 100% different and so so much better for our family. i am so glad we made the change, i know its not for everyone but its been so great for us.

Now that i am fully into my 2nd trimester, i am looking forward to more weekly updates, and lots of exciting 'baby talk' over here on this space!


  1. So excited for you, Ally! Love hearing about these sweet memories - glad you are treasuring them! :)

  2. woohoo! I'm glad its gone faster for you too, even with all the icky.
    Love seeing the weekly baby bump!


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