Cupcake Royale - Saying 'good bye' to a favorite spot.

6 summers ago i went on a date with nick.
technically, i went on a lot of dates with him, but this one stands out to us both.
We call it our 'falling- in- love date'.

we walked around a huge park, sat on a bench and shared all our hurts.
both of us had just recently gone through some pretty hurtful breakups and
we both had the need to be really honest with what we were not looking for
relationship wise.
it was then that i knew, we both wanted marriage. maybe with each other, maybe not.
i was not sure yet, but i was sure that if we started a relationship it would only be because
we were serious. i remember it made my insides twist with fear, anticipation and hope.

we needed dinner, and we walked and walked until we came across an old chinese restaurant.
(we ate a lot of asian food while we dated.) 
i remember sitting in the dimly lit restaurant, holding a flower he had picked for me and staring at
the man i would someday call my husband.
we were the only ones in the place.
he got up to pay and i snuck this picture of our plates to capture the moment forever.

a little while later we learned that the restaurant closed and in its place was the cutest little cupcake place you could ever dream about.

Cupcake Royale moved into that special building and became a favorite place very quickly.
i loved the way it was decorated.
i loved the way it smelled.
i loved the coffee.
i loved the cupcakes.
but most of all i loved making many memories there with my husband.

we would go there on dates a lot.
we would take our daughter there for special treats.
i would escape there alone whenever i could for a yummy latte and a salted caramel cupcake.
it was a place that grew with Nick and I.
such sweet memories of ours in those walls.

last summer i met my friend candice and she took some incredible photos of me and maggie at cupcake royale. it meant the world to me to have pictures of me and my daughter - pictures that came after the heavy clouds of PPD had lifted and left me with just pure joy for my daughter. pictures that mean more to me than i could say.
last fall we had the chance to take Maggie's birthday photos and some family photos at the cupcake shop too - and they are a treasure. pictures of my family in the same place i ate dinner and fell in love with my husband 5 years prior.


and then, we got news that they were tearing our building down.
im pretty sentimental, and i knew i needed a piece of that place. i needed to keep a piece of that building in our life.
My husband called and on the last day that they were open, He shared our story with them. They gave us a beautiful green shingle, a latte and a delicious cupcake and asked us to share our story. it was a sweet way to say goodbye to our favorite place.
Cupcake Royale, we miss you!!

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  1. This is the best! Hope they open somewhere new and awesome.


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