Fathers Day 2014

i know, i know. its like a month after fathers day, but im trying to play catch up on this blog 
and i really dont want to forget how we celebrated Nick this year.

we typically take the saturday before fathers/mothers day to go out to eat and do something fun to celebrate - places seem to be less crowded and since we go to Church on Sunday, its hard to cram everything into one day and it never fails that we (maggie and i) end up cranky from doing too much. i love celebrating the whole weekend instead of just one day. does that surprise anyone?

this year Nick requested that we go out for breakfast.
going out to breakfast is such a treat and i always forget about how much i love it. 
we had a great time eating eggs and bacon and pancakes while laughing at all the crazy things that maggie says and does. 
after breakfast we decided to go bowling.



bowling was the best idea ever. 
it was so fun!! Maggie had the best time, and we all laughed and danced for the whole game.
We didnt plan it correctly, but know now that if you go bowling before 11 at this particular bowling alley its really inexpensive - a great way to spend a saturday morning!
the next morning we surprised Nick with some small gifts, and this cute poster filled with things Maggie loves about him. its still taped to the wall...

i am so grateful for the kind and caring and loving daddy that Nick is. Jesus has grown him so many ways in fatherhood and i am excited to see how he continues to grow him.

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