basically i forgot about this blog.

the last month has been crazy.
later this week i hope to bust out some posts about how our favorite cupcake place
is being torn down, and about fathers day, and about ballet camp - but until then
here is a quick recap of what we have been up to.

there has been:
asthma flare ups
lots of movies and couch cuddles
visiting a new park
a haircut
a weekend with just me and my girl
lots of pretend play
lots of clinging to Isaiah 43
lots of prayers for grace and courage and strength
watching Jesus provide in some really cool ways
lots of giggles and lots of tears
ice cream
and lots of baths to keep mom sane.


there has not been:
lots of sleeping (oh someone tell me why our 3 and a half year old wakes up so much at night? and so early?)

im looking forward to a hot week here in Seattle and hoping we are well enough to enjoy the beach at least once.

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