maggie pearl gets a hair cut.

3 weeks ago we decided that it was time to cut maggie's hair.
her crazy curly mullet was getting out of control.
we took her to a kids salon - that i vowed i would never go into for fear of my daughter coming out covered in glitter with rainbow hair extensions. i was so wrong about that place. 

it was AMAZING. i mean, it was a little pricey, but worth it. when we got there, maggie played quietly with the princess toys and when they called her name they took a sweet before picture of her and then took her back to a chair. she didnt love it at first, putting the cape on really made her mad, but as soon as the hair stylist pulled out some bubbles, everything was perfect. 





maggie sat so still and loved having her hair done. when she was done the hair stylist showed me a really cute (and easy!!!) way to do maggie's hair so she cant pull it out, slipped in a cute little bow and sprinkled her hair with glitter. i am certain that was her favorite part. before we left they took an after picture and gave her a prize. it was such a good experience! 
after that we all went out to lunch and celebrated her new 'big girl hair'. every day since then she tells us, " i not a baby mama, i a big girl now" so clearly the haircut did more for her than just tame her crazy curls. 





i only cried for 2 days about how short it is. her hair is so much easier to manage and the her curls are so fresh and healthy looking. i cant wait for it to all grow out at the same length now. 



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