today we only had one car. 

today maggie slept in until 9am.

today i slept in until 8am.

today i enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee with only candle light and Christmas tree light.

today we watched blues clues.

today we snuggled on the couch and read books for over an hour.

today we didnt get out of our pajamas.

today we read about Jesus being our good Shepherd in the Jesus Storybook Bible.

today we made a peanut butter smoothie for lunch.

today maggie took a 2 hour nap.

today i sat in the quiet and told Jesus of my fears.

today we watched dumbo and ate popcorn.

today we laughed a lot.

today we didnt turn the lights on, only the Christmas tree and candles. 

today nick came home early.

today he fixed our car.

today we danced to "celebration" in the living room after he fixed the car.

today we realized how terribly far behind we are on our advent calendar.

today we ate ice cream and watched Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

today nick reminded me that he is thankful for all the things that i do.

today i thanked him for working so hard.

today we told maggie how much we love her.

today was good. 

i am so thankful.
its been a while since i felt like we had an all around good day.
i am excited for tomorrow.



  1. Aw, that sounds aboslutely amazing!

  2. ohmygoodness i love it!!!!!!!!!!!! what a great day!! :)


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