wisdom worth losing.

i have been pretty much absent from writing these past few weeks. partially because i have just had no real energy to write, and partially because i have been recovering. 

i have a lot of really silly, irrational fears. one of them being anything that has to do with the dentist. so you can only imagine that 6 years ago when i was told i should have my wisdom teeth extracted how i probably reacted. i put it off. every time i should have done it, i found a reason to not. "oh, i am pregnant." or " well i am breastfeeding" or "i have an infant" the list could go on and on. but the real reason, was that i was just straight up scared out of my mind. i dealt with very painful migraines that my dentist said probably had a lot to do with all 4 of my wisdom teeth pushing through. and very recently, one of the teeth were so far in that i was biting my cheek constantly and could not close my mouth properly anymore. that was kinda the last straw for me.

i swallowed my fears, and took the plunge. the price tag for getting these nasty teeth out was enough to make me cancel my appointment, but my sweet husband encouraged me and loved me, pushing me to do this one simple thing to help me. i cried every single night for 2 weeks. scared about what it would be like, what i would say after being knocked out, how much my face would swell, and who would take care of our sweet girl, etc. and on the 12 of novemeber, i walked into surgery {Without even telling nick goodbye. haha} and just 45 minutes later i was snuggling a big huge orange monkey stuffed animal in the recovery room. someone tell me why they give adults a stuffed animal to snuggle. its seriously so embarrassing. when nick asked me what i was doing, i got really embarrassed and told him i thought it was maggie. which is hilarious. the anesthesia made me suuper emotional and i was ready to bawl my eyes out over maggies birthday, a milkshake, or that my friend had texted to see how i was doing. it was pretty funny. 

nick has some pretty awesome photos of me on his phone, but we are not going to post them here. i clearly do not want the entire interenet able to see my swollen, numb face covered in ice packs, drool and strawberry milkshake, all while i am wearing a hood and a giant puffy marshmallow vest. just let that sink in. 

probably my favorite part of the whole thing was that right before i 'went to sleep' i asked the dentist to keep my teeth and give them to me. i obviously do not remember making such a request, but i am actually so glad that i did. if you find teeth disgusting, then just skip this picture. yes, i am posting pictures of my nasty wisdom teeth on the internet. but you know what? its my blog, i do what i want. {and pastor josh told me i should...}

pretty gross right? but seriously, look at how big those teeth are!

i intend on keeping these teeth and spray painting them silver, roll them in glitter and hang them on my christmas tree. i mean, i'll do anything to get on pinterest. 

but really, as much fear as i had of these 4 giant teeth, i am really glad that i got them removed. even if i cant remember anything that happened the week that i had them pulled.(honestly, if i told you i would do something that week, i really do not remember it. so, i am sorry. i blame it on the pain meds.)

i have had no headaches since i got them pulled, which is a HUGE praise! and even though they have been bothering me a bit since thanksgiving, i am so thankful and glad that i had them taken out. i am just ready for those giant holes to close so i can eat like 200 bowls of popcorn. 

ps. im sorry i posted pictures of my nasty teeth. 


  1. Glad you're feeling better, Ally! And thank you for sharing this. I have a craaaazy fear of the dentist, too. I really need to go and get some work done, but the combination of fear of cost and pain just has me in a tizzy. I have nightmares almost on a nightly basis. Reading this, though, has really helped me to realize how much better I'll feel once I get things taken care of.

  2. Laughing out loud at your DIY wisdom teeth project!
    Glad everything went well and it's all behind you.
    I had 8 wisdom teeth...figure that one out...

  3. You are so brave!!! I only have one and I've been putting it off practically my whole life.

    Also...you posted recently (I think on Facebook?) about Maggie crying and how you wished you could make her realize that she just needed a nap. I felt super down and kinda depressed all of a sudden last night before bed and my husband was like, "I think you're just tired." I thought of Maggie and decided to give sleep a chance! It worked. :D

    Just thought I'd say that your mamma advice even works for us big girls!

  4. Way to go Ally!!! Kudos for going through with it!

  5. oh my word cracking up re: the teeth pic and the orange monkey!!!!
    so glad you've come out on the other side and feeling better. :)


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