pancakes and pajamas. // maggie pearl turns two

we had the best time celebrating maggie's 2nd birthday. after all my stressing and freaking out about it not being "pinteresty" enough, i let it all go and enjoyed a super fun saturday morning celebrating my 2 year old daughter. my sweet friend, rosie, took all the pictures, and i am SO thankful for them! 

our friends, josh and lexi, graciously lent us their house for this party, while they were away on vacation. {again, so thankful!} we kept everything really low key, and on a really small budget, but i didnt feel like it at all. this party was so maggie, and she had a blast. which is what is most important. 

 Maggie Turns 2 015



Maggie Turns 2 072

Maggie Turns 2 069

Maggie Turns 2 058

Maggie Turns 2 053

Maggie Turns 2 050

Maggie Turns 2 040

Maggie Turns 2 022

Maggie Turns 2 014

Maggie Turns 2 013

Maggie Turns 2 009

i literally loved everything about this party, and everytime i look at these pictures i am filled with so much joy when i see the excitement on my sweet girl's face. 
happy birthday maggie pearl! 



  1. Happy Birthday Maggie!! What a lovely party your sweet Mama made for you!

    She looks so happy :)

  2. This is adorable! Ally, everything looks great and Maggie seems super happy. So proud of you for letting go of the Pinterest pressure and truly enjoying your not-so-baby girl!

  3. i was also freaking out over a pinterest worthy first bday party for my little guy (next week, yikes), and luckily came across this for inspiration... on pinterest. :)


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