oh, hi november.

how in the whole entire world is it already november? i am certain it was july last week. 

this month is F U L L. 
this weekend i am going to my first ever blogger meet up - in portland! {im nervous and excited!} next weekend is our little lady's 2nd birthday party, i am getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the 12 and on the 14 margaret pearl turns two years old. then there is thanksgiving and black friday. we are busy almost every day of every weekend - and our week days are filling up fast. in a whirlwind month like this it is so easy to get overwhelmed and grouchy. at least for me. so, 2 years ago i tried to start a thankfulness traditon for our family. and it didnt work. 
last year we put in some pretty good effort, but still only made it less than halfway through the month. i have been disappointed with my efforts to help us remember to be thankful all the time, but especially in november. 

the good news is, there is grace for that. and i dont have to feel any shame or carry that disappointment! 

this year i wanted to do something a little different. something really easy to remember - so i wrote this little saying on our chalkboard as a constant reminder to always be thankful, because when you are thankful its much easier for your heart to be filled with joy. one of the best parts about this year is that maggie is able to join in on the thankfulness! she prays every night for things that she is thankful for, so i am excited to write them down with her this year. we will continue with our tradition of writing down things we are thankful for, but this year i think i will put them in a little book. another thing that i am going to do is take a picture a day of something i am personally thankful for. i'll be taking the pictures and sharing them on instagram with the hashtag #thankfulhearthappyheart {which i know is ridiculously long, but its the best i could come up with!} please feel free to follow along and join in! if you do, let me know in the comments! { also my IG is allymacewen - pretty easy to find!}

happy november friends, here is to hoping my husband doesn't shave and that my heart is filled with thankfulness and joy! 


  1. Aw, love it!!! I should do a thankful thing everyday, too. I SO get overwhelmed and grouchy this time of year (well, and always). Thanks for the reminder!

  2. its so easy to forget about everything we have to be thankful for. i always get down on myself for being a glass half empty kinda person and it leads to giving up on trying to be thankful. vicious cycle, huh?


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