pumpkin picking

last week nick had a day off of work and we decided to venture out to a pumpkin patch. i am so glad that we did because it was pretty much the very last day of non rainy weather. 

we may have found our yearly pumpkin patch this year. the place that we went to was FREE. and we got a giant pumpkin and 3 giant hand-picked apples for $10. it was a little bit of a drive, but it was fun. {or it would have been if i didnt have a massive migraine.} we even stopped at {gasp} mcdonalds on the way home, which was kind of a treat, because lets be real here - mcdonalds fries are so good. it was a really fun day and i am so thankful that we went, now we need to carve that pumpkin! 


  1. those pictures are so cute!!! whats the pumpkin patch that you guys went to?

    1. its literally called "the farm", its in snohomish - check it out!


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