my new favorite recipe.

i am just popping in to say a quick hello! 

we have lots to catch up on. maggie and i took a date to the childrens museum, we spent a family day at the pumpkin patch, and Jesus has been working in my heart in many ways. i can not wait to share that all with you next week, but for now, just a little recipe.

i wish so deeply that i could take credit for this recipe. but i cant. my poor mom and husband have been hearing me talk about this soup since i made it on thursday. i literally can not stop thinking about it at mealtimes. i have been searching for a good tortilla soup recipe for a really long time, and i think that this one is it. i will never make another recipe. its so good! 

i didnt take any pictures of our soup, because we ate it to quickly. the only changes i made to the recipe is that we added black beans, left out the onion and topped it with avacado, sour cream, cheese and cilantro. so good. go ahead and check it out, make it tonight and tell me what you think! 

happy saturday! 

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  1. thank you for posting this recipe! I'm excited to try it, I love a cozy fall soup :)


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