you know when you hear a worship song that brings you to you knees in awe and thankfulness to Jesus?
that was me at church this morning.

the room was FULL.
the music was LOUD.
and the words hit me.

we have been blessed with some incredible musicians at church. 
{and when i say incredible, that is basically an understatement. our worship leader is pretty well known.} i dont say that for the sake of boasting, but i say it because they could all easily be playing somewhere else, but they are choosing to play at our church, not for themselves, but for Jesus. which i think is pretty awesome. it is so easy for me to get caught up in the "sound" of our music instead of focusing on the words. i am usually watching to make sure maggie is not dumping her snack all over, or running away, or screaming about something, but it was almost like all of that stood still as i watched hundreds of my brothers and sisters worship Jesus this morning. 

as i sang the words, " OH GOD! YOU NEVER LEAVE MY SIDE." i looked down at my bouncing, dancing, curly haired little beauty and tears welled up in my eyes. she is evidence that God has never left my side. her life is a testimony to that. in that moment i just wanted to scoop her up and praise Jesus with her. i couldnt wait for the day that she would sing the words with everything in her heart, for the day when those words will no longer just be words to a song, but a cry of her heart. 
as i sang those words, i held my husbands strong hand, and felt a love for him so deep it actually hurt a little. this man is sacrificing so much, for Jesus. this man is struggling to lead his family in a world where he is tempted daily to only care for and about himself. and you know something, God never leaves his side either. and as i looked through blurry tear filled eyes at all the hands raised crying out to our God, i knew he never leaves any of their sides either. our God is BIG. he is MIGHTY. and NOTHING can pull us apart from him. i am thankful from the deepest part of my heart for that. 

the words hit me so hard, i had to put them up on my chalkboard of truth as soon as i got home. 

In the valley, oh God You’re near 
In the quiet, oh God You’re near 
In the shadow, oh God You’re near 
At my breaking, oh God You’re near 

Oh God, You never leave my side 
Your love, will stand firm for all my life 

In my searching, oh God You’re near 
In my wandering, oh God You’re near 
When I feel alone, oh God You’re near 
At my lowest, oh God You’re near 

Height nor depth nor anything else, 
Could pull us apart 
We are joined as one, by Your blood 
Hope will rise, as we become more, 
Than conquerors through, 
The one who loved the world


from Already / Not Yet, track released 08 May 2012

i'll be meditating on this, and listening to this song on repeat as we walk into a busy life filled monday - believing the truth that God is always near. 

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