its no secret that i love summer.

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long,lazy days. bare feet and legs. the smell of sunscreen on soft chubby baby toddler skin. ice cold coffee in the hot afternoon. splashing in the pool, laying in the sun. tan skin and freckles. the cool blast of the air conditioner. grilled food, and fresh berries. sunglasses and sun dresses. no real schedule and being carefree.  

but what i love more than summer, is the transition. 
the "its not summer, but its not fall either" season is my favorite. it makes me feel so nostalgic. of when i used to plan my first day of school dress and stare at my new shoes and worry about walking into the classroom on my first day. or of when i started my first real job after highschool. or when i knew deep in my heart that the man i was dating was going to be my husband. or when i knew that me and my big baby belly were starting the home stretch. 

i cant wait for pumpkin spice lattes. crisp cool walks in the park with my little lady. hoodies and rain boots. warm soup and {hopefully!} homemade bread. the calming feeling from a lit candle and some rosie thomas playing in the house. for hot coffee and snuggles under quilts. for cold noses, and fingers and toes. for collecting leaves and bundling up in cute jackets. for date nights with my love and celebrating 4 years since getting engaged.for a certain little girl to turn two. for the newness that fall brings, with schedules and some big changes for this little family. i cant wait. my heart is aching for this. 

there is something about closing a chapter and starting a new one, that my heart loves so much. the end of something lovely is the start of something beautiful, to me.  i love that feeling of newness. that feeling of being refreshed. and as much as i am bummed that summer was kind of lame {weather wise} in seattle this year, my heart literally aches for the change into fall. there are so many memories that have yet to be made. this is the first fall in 2 years that i dont have a bump in my belly or a baby on my hip. there is so much for us to discover together this fall - and i cant wait. 

if you would have asked me 6 months ago, i would have told you that there would {hopefully} in a baby growing in my belly this fall. but there is not. and for a variety of reasons, i dont think there will be. and i am okay with that, because that means that this fall i get to see the world through the eyes of my nearly two year old - not distracted by anything, but enjoying the season and the changes with just her on my mind. i am excited to watch her discover crunchy leaves and windy days. 

there is so much i am looking forward to. so much i am going to miss about sweet,sweet summer. but, with the closing of summer setting in, i am ready to grab fall and dive right in.

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