thrifty love

Hi friends! 
i am really excited to be back, and i have lots of really fun,{and pretty!} things to show you from my absence. there was vacation, a wedding, and many other lovely things. today though, i have something really great to share. 

i like thrifting as much as the next blogger/excessive pinterester {do you like how i made that word up?} so when i heard about the thrifty love swap, i knew it was something i had to do. i am SO glad that i did it, too! 

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

i was paired with my new, sweet friend, abby
abby is cute. her family is cute. & you can pray for their adoption. i am really glad that we were paired up, and that we 'met'. abby went way above what she needed to with the things that she sent me. i was blown away!

when the ups man knocked on my door and handed my husband the package from her, i could hardly wait to get my hands on it and open it up. when i did, i let out a little scream. for reals. i didnt even care if it woke up maggie, thats how excited i was. 

this is what i saw first. 2 beautiful pillowcases. but, the part that made me scream was the pretty one on the left. abby could never ever have known this, but i have been searching for THAT pillowcase for almost a year.  i found a twin sheet in that print about a year ago at a goodwill and instantly fell in love. i bought it for probably $2 and planned on someday using it for maggie's big girl bed. i have been looking for another sheet, or pillowcase to match ever since. my husband was even excited and blown away. abby girl, i love it SO much!! 

if all i would have received were those pretty pillowcases i would have been fine. but, there was more. much more.

can you even handle the amazingness of this little blanket?! because i die every time i look at it. which is often because it is laying across the back of my couch AT ALL TIMES. its pretty much perfect. 

these cute, cute tins will be hanging in my kitchen as soon as possible. {there is that pillowcase again...} 

i can not wait to wear these adorable earrings. 
this plate is gorgeous in real life.plus i have had a plate hanger hanging on my wall for a year with no plates in it, cuz i havent found a good one {until now!}

i loved everything about this swap - i made a new friend, got to pick out some really cute things for her {i hope you love them abby!} and got some really awesome things for myself! thanks ladies for putting this together, i can not wait until next time!! 


  1. That is SO awesome that she unknowingly got you the very pillowcase you had been looking for! What are the odds?!?!

  2. so neat about the pillowcase.. and that crocheted blanket is the sweetest. fun finds. :)

  3. that plate is amazing! everything is adorable--great finds!

  4. Oh wow! You got some beautiful goodies! Yowza! I love them all! And the fact of the pillowcase matching your sheet is just crazy awesome! LOVE.

  5. that pillowcase story is so sweet! I love it when God does stuff like that!! glad you had such a great experience. my swap was also so much fun!! found your blog through the swap linkup. i'm following it now! :) lora

  6. Ally,
    I just found your blog through Jamie's link up and I'm soooo glad I found this beautiful space. Your thrift gift is awesome! And I love the voice you write with. Excited to be following along here =)

  7. Oh my goodness! That thrills me to no end! I'm so happy that you liked your goodies. I thought everything was so cute, but I was a little insecure about my choices. You just never know. I just posted about all of my loot! Thanks again, sweet friend!


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