a berry good day

nick has been working a lot lately. lots of late nights and we really needed to get out and do something as a family. 
i often second guess taking maggie out on adventures.
mostly because i am terrified that she will not like it and terrified that she will throw a fit and then we will have to leave. but i am so thankful that we took her out yesterday. 
and i learned that i have to stop being so stressed out about what could happen and live in the moment with her.

i have been wanting to go pick raspberries for a really long time, and yesterday seemed like the perfect day to go. the weather was warm and cloudy, and we were all in great moods, so we drove the 30 minutes to a farm to pick some berries. i thought we were crazy - but the truth is, it was the best decision we have made in a long, long time. 

it was one of the best days of my life.
i know that sounds silly. that berry picking could be one of the best days of someones life, but it was.
the drive there was filled with listening to our girl jabbering away and pointing out flowers and trees. 
we arrived at the farm and gathered our boxes {they had those cute little blue berry boxes that i wanted 100 of. but i only asked for 4..} and then we found a row and got to picking. 

i thought for sure that maggie would just smash berries and not have a clue what to do really do with them, but i was sure surprised. nick and i showed her how to pick the berries and she did it like a pro. she picked an entire little blue berry basket full. and after she picked that one basket she just decided to play in the berries. she would pick some, eat some, and then she just decided to roll around in the dirt, and then smash some berries with a stick. she ran and played and had the very best time. we had such a good time, that we are going to go back next week. 

the most special part of the whole day, was while we were getting her out of her dirty clothes she just giggled and snuggled me, while rubbing her raspberry stained face all over my shoulders. i am so thankful that we were able to spend the afternoon as a family, doing something fun and watching our little girl experience something that i hope we get to do every single year.
ps. please give me your best recipe for raspberry jam, and quick before these berries go bad in my fridge!

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  1. This is adorable! We don't even have any kids and so often I stifle our "adventure" opporunities because I have a plan and a schedule and if it ain't on the Google calendar I don't know that we can fit it in. I'm working on being more flexible and more fun so that our marriage is something to enjoy and not just a to do list!
    And...I have no recipes for raspberry jam - probably because I just eat them plain and could probably go through a pound a day if left to myself.


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