little brother

 today my littlest brother turns 18.
i cant believe that 18 years have come & gone. 
i was 5 when he was born. i can remember when my mama
had him in her belly. 

i rememember when i prayed that he would really be a sister.
& i remember when i was thankful that he was a brother.

dylan & i were really close growing up.
i could always get him to play with me & to hang out with me whenever i wanted him to. {my other brother was way more independent..} hey, d, remember when i would ask you to come sit on my bed & talk while i cleaned my room- & then sucked you into cleaning it with me?! hehe. 

my brother is so amazing. 
he is incredibly creative.
you can check out his design blog, here
he got all the artistic genes.

i have loved watching him grow & watching him become the boy man that the LORD designed him to be. he is a hardworker - he just recently worked so many hours planning & preparing & teaching at the VBS that his church puts on. it shows his amazing servants heart. he loves to serve those around him. like, how he would come pick up my girl at 5:45 or 6 am so i could go to work. a mazing! 

happy birthday, D ray! i love you so much! 

beach trip 2008

summer 2006

broken arm #2


uncle d & maggie pearl

he is the one with his head in the wipes.


true love

driving with the top down

the summer we he remodeled my bedroom

summer concerts

way back when i was 18

dylan's favorite camping spot

ohhh yeahhh.

uncle d with phoenix

christmas morning {before i headed to work} 2007

winter 2007

camping summer 2006

we like to make faces.

our last homeschool fieldtrip. 2006


the 3 of us.

Bro in laws.

wedding day


cant wait to make more memories with you, little brother! 


  1. Awesome pictures! I've always wanted a brother. Just stumbled upon your blog. Nice layout.

  2. Just found your blog and LOVE it! This is such a great tribute bday post for what seems like a great brother!!! I'm def. following you now :)


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