oh monday.

i am tired. today was actually a pretty uneventful day. miss maggie slept for most of the day. {i think she is either growing or getting sick/teething(?)} the worst part was that she wanted to be snuggled up next to me the entire day, and barely let me put her down. {any other mama's know what this might be about?} i am also not looking forward to going to work on wednesday, i feel like a 'normal' person saturday-tuesday and a crazy person wednesday- friday. will i ever get used to it?!

today was a stay in jammies and drink way too much coffee type of day. thankfully i was able to get the kitchen cleaned up and some laundry done {not folded.} in between snuggling a super sleepy baby. thankfully my sweet husband has the day off tomorrow so i can get a few more projects finished. he is so great, tonight he volunteered to watch 'tangled' with me after maggie went to sleep. i am pretty sure he is the best ever. :) speaking of sleep and maggie, last night she slept in her room, in her crib for the first time ever... and SHE SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT! i was certain she would wake up a million times the first time that we put her in her room, but nope, she snoozed straight from 9pm to 7:50am. it was amazing. she has been sleeping in there now for nearly 2 hours and i am hoping she sleeps straight through again. even if she doesnt, its amazing to me how grown up she has become. that tiny girl has completely stolen my heart.

this week i plan to post the following::
- a recap of the sermon i heard 2 sundays ago. {it was amazing}
- a letter to my daughter, and some more updates
- finish the 'lady baby' page 
- link up for mama in focus friday
- start a weekly recap

lets hope that i can get all those thoughts out of my mind and into this blog.


{oh... so my husband still has not found out about the job he interviewed for about a month ago... they are still interviewing one more person and should decide next week... please keep him and this job in your prayers if you think about it! thanks! }


  1. We've been praying for Nick - thanks for letting us know!

    Maggie might be growing. If she's getting sick, she'd most likely be very fussy. Growth spurts bring lots of eating and sleeping!
    As long as she's normally awake and active many hours a day (its not a good sign if your baby is too sleepy all the time) then she's probably just growing. Its always so different though! I remember when Kara was a baby, thinking I should be a champ in the "all knowing" dept, but I wasn't! I had to "go to the books" and call my Mom more times than I thought i would with my 3rd child ;-)
    Its just more proof that every baby is completely different.

    We miss you guys and need to get together soon!

  2. HOORAY for your little one sleeping through the night!!! That is a HUGE success for the first night in her crib and yes, I too hope she continues to sleep well for you! My D didn't sleep through the night until she was 10 months old and I am not even sure she ever actually "sleeps" the entire night. I hear her getting up every night but, she goes back to sleep on her own now thank the Lord! I hope you are able to get your other projects finished!! See you Friday;0

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