i feel like i have had zero 'free' time in the past few days. working is a lot more time consuming than i originally thought. i seriously thought that i would be able to work 12-15 hours a week and maintain my 'maternity leave lifestyle'. oh, was i wrong. by the time i get home from work, i am so tired. it takes all of my energy to think of dinner... and then i dont want to cook anything i just want to snuggle with my baby and my husband. ugh. i have i giant basket of clothes to fold and put away and our cupboards are screaming to be restocked, but all i want to do is play with my chubby bundle of goodness. {and she is chubby. like this girl eats like its going out of style. i am certain she gained at least 3 pounds since our last dr visit.} miss maggie has been so sweet to me the past few weeks. just a little snuggle bug. i love it. i wish i could just stop time and hold her in my arms forever. but at the same time i am so excited and so looking forward to seeing who she is going to be. mamahood is so fun. 

tonight nick and i are going on a date with 2 of our really good couple friends. we are really looking forward to a fun night with sweet people. {plus it gives me a reason to get out of my sweatshirt on this dreary seattle 'spring' day} i am not sure yet where we are going, but i know its going to involve yummy food, good company, and fancy drinks. 

next week i am hoping to have more time to share more of my heart with you. i have been working on a few things and i just am so excited to get them out and share them with you! oh, and today i am linking up a day late with mama in focus friday... 

One Day At A Time

 this photo is of maggie and i dreaming about the day that we can wear our sunglasses... will this seattle rain ever stop?! 

happy weekending friends!

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  1. I'm sorry that I didn't comment sooner! I'm glad I scrolled down and saw that you linked up because the picture of you both is glasses is too stinking cute!! I'm sorry for how hard the work hours are on you! I worked full time (But out of my house and had a nanny) and it killed me!! I really do feel for any momma that has to work both as a mom/wife and as an employee. It's exhausting! Hang in there and hope to see you this Friday;0!


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