i love naptime.
today, it almost could not have come soon enough. 
baby maggie was having a hard time being entertained and i was trying so hard to keep her awake (i am working on a schedule). it was silly. my little lady was so tired. so, i put her down and now she is snoozing away and i almost can not wait for her to wake up - she is so fun after waking up. she is full of smiles and and giggles and she loves to snuggle. it is one of my favorite things. 
my little sweet pea. 

 last night we gave maggie rice cereal for the first time. it took us a few weeks to really decide that we wanted to do it, and she slept all. night. long. 
so i think that we will be giving it to her every night before bed. she didnt really know what to do with it at first, but soon figured it out, and seemed to like it towards the end. i can not believe how quickly she is growing up. its so insane. 

i have lots of things to blog about this week and i am looking forward to sharing them all with you. my husband and i are working on making a big scary decision and i am really eager to share it with you, but i have to wait - - so stay tuned! :) 
enjoy your monday, and i am going to enjoy a cup of coffee and some house cleaning for the rest of naptime. 

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