a sunny sunday.

last night miss maggie decided not to sleep. we were awake alot in the night. nick was so great and stayed up for 3 hours with a whiny baby. its so frustrating when she constantly whines and we dont know why. she wouldnt sleep, she was annoyed being awake. so around 7 we switched shifts and he went to sleep. i got to hold and rock our baby to sleep while watching the sun pour into our apartment. it was such a gift from the LORD because i really needed something to be great full for and he provided right in that moment something to make me see his goodness. nick's favorite singer/songwriter was leading worship at the MHC ballard campus so we decided to go there for church this morning. it was really cool to see a person who's music you listen to and who you have seen in concert sing and raise his hands to worship Jesus. nick was able to go and talk to him after service and meet his sweet little daughter. we are very excited about Easter this year, because he is leading worship then as well. the sermon was exactly what i needed to hear regarding repentance. i dont even mind that we will hear it again next week at our campus, it was that good. 
 while we were at church the little lady started snuggling hardcore with me. when i looked down at her, i could see her nose was full of snot, and other yucky unladylike things. she started coughing and drooling nasty sick drool. she slept the entire time and i soon realized what all the whining was about earlier. our sweet lady baby caught some kind of cold. again. i feel so bad for her. so we decided against going to the market even though it was so beautiful and went out to lunch with friends instead. 

it was a really refreshing day, at least for us. maggie is just super whiny and feeling icky. i have a feeling its going to be another really long night, but i can rejoice in knowing that the LORD will be with us the entire time.


  1. awww, I hope she's not getting sick! :( poor baby.

    We missed seeing you guys at church today.

  2. How is her adjustment to formula going? Has she needed to try soy? I'll send a prayer up to you for Miss Maggie. Love and hugs


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