photo of the week 1.2

i can't believe that an entire week has gone by without me blogging. i have had a lot of things on my mind to blog about, but for some reason i just couldn't figure out how to write this week. this week was a little bit hard. maggie turned 9 weeks old on sunday, and i am thinking that she is going through a growth spurt or something. she has been a little more on the fussy side. plus it was raining a ton this week, and that just makes most people cranky. but today, there was sunshine. (thank you Jesus!) and miss maggie was in a much more pleasent mood!

we have some sweet friends who came down with the flu today. to help them out, maggie and i took their sweet daughter to the park. today was maggie's first trip to the park! she was so good and loved staring at all the new things. so here is a photo of her all snuggled in the moby wrap, and me.. wearing sunglasses in january. 

happiest wednesday!

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  1. the carrier is so pretty! and you're so pretty too. I'm glad God met us :)
    {that's how Rachel says it}


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