Mama and Little review and giveaway!

I always always wanted a teething necklace when Maggie was little, but they didn't match my 'style' at the time and i just thought it would be a wasteful piece of rainbow colored jewelry that i would never wear because it felt like it screamed "I AM A MOM! CAN YOU TELL I AM A MOM?!" and i was not excited about looking like what i was, a mom. ha.

fast forward 5 years and one kid later and i'm all, "hey i am a mom but i want to look like a cute mom so give me all the functional, fashionable mom clothes." a lot of things have changed for me the second time around.

{photo by elizabeth rolf}

around Christmas i had pinned a teething necklace made by Mama and Little, that was all of my favorite things - geometric shapes, unexpected color combinations, and made by a hard-working, mama. my super smart husband saw that pin and followed the link and surprised me with the necklace that i wanted. it was the best Christmas gift, a stylish necklace for me, but i didn't have to constantly tell Molly June to stop putting it in her mouth. i was so impressed with the quality of the necklace, and the ease of being able to just toss it in the dishwasher when it got dirty. i even found myself wearing it to work because it was so cute - even without a baby on my hip. i am obsessed with geometric shapes, and the silicone beads on my necklace are just the cutest hexagon in the best colors. it really helps make my mom uniform seem so much more put together.

{photo by elizabeth rolf}

Mama and Little was launched in 2014 and was designed and founded by a first-time mama, who wanted to introduce a fresh approach to silicone teething jewelry, by offering on trend colors and wearable designs at affordable prices. they are the original creators of the silicone hexagon bead (my favorite!) and it quickly has become their trademark style. if you are not as obsessed with hexagons as i am, they have tons of other beautiful options as well. i was given the chance to pick out 2 more teething necklaces to review and it was so tough for me to pick, but i ended up with 2 more with hexagon beads because i just love them so much! they just introduced their new spring collection, Rose Luxe, and i just think the marbled beads are gorgeous and really on-trend for spring. 

lately, my diaper bag is full of these things and i can't leave the house without them. i've been wearing the Jess Silicone Teething Necklace a ton lately because the colors are so fun and Molly really loves the different textured beads to chew. if this necklace is not already in my diaper bag, then it's usually right by the door ready for me to grab as i walk out the door. it makes baby wearing more entertaining for Molly, since she doesn't use a pacifier and pinches like it's her job, this helps distract her for a good amount of time. the new Teresa Necklace in Marble is just a little bit more edgy and i love how it stands out with the marble, rose gold and black beads, i wear it a lot with a plain white tee.


the Teresa Necklace in Mermaid was the first Mama and Little i had received and it's my very favorite. i love how you can pair it with a solid top and it just looks so pretty. I probably wear this one  'dressed up' the most and it makes keeping a babe quiet during church a little bit easier. i also love that these necklaces come in a reusable bag, so i can toss them in the bag and keep them clean from the germs that i hate so much.


now the really fun part - Mama and Little was so sweet to give me a $50 shop credit to giveaway to one of you!! i am seriously so excited about this because when i find something i just love, i can't wait to share! all you have to do to enter is head over to Instagram to enter and follow me and Mama and Little, then on my post tag a friend who might also be interested in the giveaway and i will pick a random winner on Tuesday, April 5! you can see the entire collection at on Mama and Little's website.

i hope you have a great weekend and go tag some mamas to win!

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