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i am sure you have all heard me talk about my best girl, Lizzy.
She is the one who designed this amazing space.
and our incredible baby announcement.
and writes my kid's name on her backpack so it doesn't look like a teenager wrote it!

something else thats awesome about Lizzy is that she loves Jesus so so much.
and she does what he asks her to do, even when it doesn't really look like the best idea.
its a quality i really admire about her, and hope to grow in myself. she is a great example of that to me. 
recently Lizzy felt Jesus asking her to quit her job, so she did.
what 21 year old just up and quits their fancy job?
one that really loves Jesus and trusts him to provide for her.

since she quit her job she finally (i've been urging her for A YEAR!) decided to open her own print shop and blog!
(visit it here: elizabethrolf.com)
its beautiful, the art and the artist.

it would be a joy for me to have you all check out her shop, buy a print or a few cards (She just added a custom design option!) or have her design your blog. my prayer is that we can bless the junk out of this beautiful lady who is following Jesus so faithfully.

today though, i get to give one of you my current favorite, her "consider it pure joy" print.
all you have to do to enter this giveaway is follow Lizzy on Instagram, Favorite her Etsy Shop, follow me on Instagram and leave a comment on this blog with your instagram name.


 i'll pick a winner on monday morning and my girl will get that beautiful print right out to you!

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  1. What an awesome contest. I would love to win this. If I win, my only dilemma will be deciding if it should hang in the new baby's room or my kitchen.

    Thanks for the sweet contest.

    I'm TalesofWhimsy on Instagram. I see all your fun Instagram pics on Twitter. : )

  2. Oh Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy!! The girl has skilllz. Love to see you two teaming up! What a rad use of social media! Also...I don't often enter drawings and I think I did all the steps wrong :/ bah! Don't laugh!

  3. You're such a sweet friend so supporting her so well!
    You know my instagram name :)

  4. I think I already fulfill all the requirements. I might be her second biggest fan.

  5. Ok I need to try, because Lizzy is the greatest!


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