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i am reposting this from last year, because i think its so important to remember who loves you the most today.

i hope you have all enjoyed this series as much as i have!

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dear friend,  
i know on days like tomorrow you may feel annoyed by all the posts about how much people love their husband/boyfriends, wife/girlfriend, you may feel hurt and angry. and to be honest i dont blame you. it is hard when your heart desires something and you dont have it. but there is something that i want you to know, i want you to understand something that i never understood or even cared to understand when i was single. 
there is someone, a man, who loves you deeper and stronger than any man on earth does or ever will. his name is Jesus. sister, he loves you so much that he died for you. he gave his life for you. he chases after you and pursues your heart all day, everyday. he is romancing you by painting you sunrises that make you catch your breath, sunsets that are more beautiful than any diamond ring. instead of a bouquet of 12 roses he has given you fields of wildflowers, to show you how much he loves. he doesnt love you with a conditional love, or a love that gets selfish or frustrated. in fact, he loves you with a perfect love - true love. a love that a man on earth can never give you. he rescued you from a life filled with sin and death. tomorrow, i want you to celebrate that. i dont want you to feel left out and bitter about how you are "single" or "alone" i dont want you to feel abandoned or left for someone else. i dont want you to feel like no one cares or appreciates you. i want you to know that there is a man who cherishes you. he adores you. he wants you. he appreciates you. he loves you. i want you to celebrate in that today. wear pink, eat chocolate,rejoice in the lover of your soul
i am praying for you, i am praying that you find joy in the midst of a day that can easily steal joy instead of give it. i am praying that you allow Jesus to romance your heart, that you see the ways that he is pursuing you and give in, allow him to love you in a way that sometimes feels uncomfortable, because its a good thing. i am praying that you share the desires of your heart with your king and i am praying that his answer is, "YES". 

 i am loving you. i am thankful for the ways that you sacrificially serve and love others - all the time, not just on valentines day.tomorrow {and everyday} i am thanking Jesus for you and the ways that you show love to me. i want you to know i care, my heart is sensitive to your heart, i want you to know it hurts me to know that you are hurting. understanding that Jesus loves me, deeply, and with a true and perfect love is something that i still struggle with, and when i feel that love its overwhelming. i pray that you feel that overwhelming love more than just tomorrow, i pray that you feel it everyday. i pray that we all do. 

happy valentines day, sweet lady. please know that you are loved. i'd buy you all chocolates and flowers if i could. 


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