here is a little story.

i promised winners on tuesday.
and then my blog post somehow got deleted. (my bad, im sure.)
and it was my mom's birthday, so we were gone all day.
then that night was filled with a series of really unfortunate events.
events involving broken cars, a car accident (not us, a friend.)
 and a lot of tears.
so i never posted who won the giveaways.

then on wednesday i was recovering from the horrible night before.
and i never got around to it. 
and today i spent the morning at a splash pad, took a nap with maggie
and woke up realizing i had a massive sunburn.

so, will you all forgive me for the delay? 
i really am sorry. 
so, without further ado - the winners are:

 Abby Akers won The Refresh eBook!
Elizabeth Geerdes won the $20 shop credit to Petunia Blooms!
Liz Solvang won the French Press Mornings prints! 

ladies, email me by monday to claim your winnings, if i dont hear from you i'll pick a  different winner monday night. ( ally.macewen@gmail.com) 

thank you all for being so supportive, i really hope to be able to giveaway more things in the future - if you are interested in that send me an email, maybe we could work together!!  

Happy Thursday.... one more day until the weekend! 


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