i know its been quiet.

dont let the title of this post fool you.
its for sure not been quiet because i am
doing any real housekeeping.

in fact.
i have been doing the opposite.

the past few months have been pretty rough.
a long season of this mama being sick,
and anxious.
my sweet aunt going to live with Jesus.
my daughter deciding that sleeping during 
the night was for babies and not toddlers.
the transition from crib to twin bed.
being a mama to a 2 and a half year old.

its left me with a sink constantly full of dirty 
dishes, laundry baskets always filled with clothes
that need folding, a house that needs a good scrub 
down, a mama who needs to find time to take care of 
herself (aka shower more than twice a week), and a heart
that feels like it has a big aching hole in it. 

all that to say, during this rough season, i have 
never wanted to blog more. 
i have never prayed more for creativity.
for passion.
for words to share what my heart is feeling.
and it has not yet come. 

everytime i sit down to write, i realize there
are 25 other things i need to do.
but i am realizing that sometimes Jesus is nudging me to open
the darn laptop and write, because it is good for my heart, 
but i dont because i fear what will come out. 

so i have prayed. i have thought. i have anxiously awaited 
for it all to fall in place and feel right. 
and it finally has. i have 3 general houskeeping things to 
share with you all about this space.
are you ready? 

first of all, in a few weeks, His Story is getting a whole new look. a new name, a new design and a new purpose. i dont want to share a lot of details with you now, but be on the look out for
everything about this space to be changing soon. i hope you will like it, because i know i do... and i know its what Jesus wants me to do with this space too. 

second of all, google reader is gone. and i dont really care how you follow along with us, whether you use bloglovin, email, or just the facebook page - i just hope that you still stick around for what is to come. 

and lastly, if you dont already like us on facebook, now would be a good time - i'll be posting more info about the new name and look of this space there, as well as info about an amazing giveaway to celebrate my new space. so please, like us over there and say hello!

i am so beyond grateful that there are people who take precious time out of their day to read my words. and i hope and pray that as this blog transitions into a new space that my words would be used to uplift and encourage you,to be real and honest with you and  to inspire you and make you laugh. 

it will probably stay quiet until it changes, so please dont mind the dust and be patient while i clean it up to make it a good place to be again.



  1. "because it is good for my heart,

    but i dont because i fear what will come out."

    It is so true that writing can be therapeutic for the heart. So often, as we write, subconsciously our hearts tell us what we are truly thinking; and as we see the words on the page, we find a healing in what we wrote. There's a satisfaction that even if in our minds the words don't make sense, on paper they've created something beautiful. Then, it makes us marvel at the fact that in our actual lives, things may not make sense in a certain chapter, but in the overall book...something beautiful is being written. :) Glad to be following your blog!



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