Christmas Letter 2012

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hello family and friends! thanks for visiting to read our usual Christmas letter. i could easily say we are just trying to be 'green' by not printing unnecessary papers, but the truth is we just never really got it all together to send this letter out with the cards. :) 

2012 was a whirlwind year for us. God called us to step out of some areas of ministry to make room in our hearts and our lives for other areas. He restored a lot of the hurt that had been in our lives from the previous year, and we are excited about all that He has done in our lives this past year. in july we felt Jesus put a calling on our heart for nick to pursue an internship at our church, mars hill. he went through a long application process and although he didnt get the internship that he applied for, he got the one that Jesus wanted him to have. Nick is currently a biblical living intern and is enjoying it very much! His internship is 15 months long, and we are 3 months into it - its been a little bit of an adjustment for our family, but its been a huge blessing already.

nick is also still working full time at Rodda Paint as their assistant store manager. even though his plate is really full, he is enjoying himself and learning a lot! 

i have had the privilege of staying home with maggie for another year! which has been a giant blessing since we were not even sure how long it would be possible when we took that huge leap of faith last year. Jesus has done a lot of work in my life and has asked me to share all of that on this blog. it was a joy for me to share my struggle with PPD on our churches blog this year as well, ( you can read that story here if you would like.) 

maggie has been growing like crazy. she turned 2 in november and we celebrated with a pancake and pajama party. she loved it. maggie talks all the time, loves to dance and has recently learned how to tell knock knock jokes. she has brought us so much joy, we are enjoying her more than ever. 

we have been so blessed by your generosity, love and friendship this year and are thankful for each of you. if there is one thing that we could really use in 2013 is your prayers. we would love prayers for the following: 

  • endurance to finish the internship out strong, and for whatever Jesus throws at us next! 
  • our health. we struggled {mostly maggie} a lot this year with various sickness, one that resulted in an ambulance ride. we would love to avoid that this coming year. 
  • that i could spend another year as a stay at home mama with maggie.
we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and would love to know how we can pray for all of you this coming year. we are so blessed to know you all. 

nick, ally & maggie pearl 

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