maggie says...

there was a time in maggies life that we were concerned with how little she spoke. well, not anymore! this girl talks all.day.long. im pretty sure she only stops talking when she is shoving food in her mouth {yes, she literally shoves food in there} or when she is sleeping. but last week i heard her say, "oh no. uh oh" in her sleep. when i looked in the monitor she was just sleeping there. she gets this talking habit straight from me. and my mom is enjoying every single second of hearing me say, "hey maggie, could you just stop talking for like 2 minutes?" she tells me,"its payback." and i tell her, "i am sorry." 

anyways, maggie says some pretty cute things. and i am probably biased because i am her mama, but i really do think they are cute. if i were to try to write down all the words that she says, i would be writing for days. but i wanted to share with you a few of my favorites {that i never ever want to forget!!}

if you hear maggie say "foonie" it means she would like a smoothie. 
if she says, "duedge" it means "george" 
she is learning not to touch mama's "toffee" because it is hot. 
she is getting pretty good at identifying the alphabet. and if she finds the "W" she calls it "double". 
when she is looking for something {or someone} she shouts, "yoo-hoo" {which i adore.}
we listen to church music in the car, and she is really loving the modern post & she can sing "lamb of God" and "white as snow". 
she exclaims, "what the world?!" and "oh myyy doodness!" 

those are just a few of my favorite things that she says. its crazy to watch her string together 2 and 3 word sentences these days. its basically like she is a kid and not a baby. which makes me happy and sad all at once.  this sweet girl is going to turn 2 in November and i kind of cant believe it. 


  1. It is payback for sure but it is the best return I could ever wish for you. I love you guys so very much! Xoxo Lana


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