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i am pretty sure that when i met you, i knew you would make a good daddy. the way you desired to love, lead and protect me with such passion showed me how great of a daddy you would be one day. i know that day came sooner than you thought, and i often thank Jesus that he stirred our hearts towards parenthood so soon. sometimes i ask Him, "what were you thinking?!" but mostly i praise Him because his way is better than ours. i could write you a letter about all the ways that i am thankful for you as you father our daughter - all the things i love about you, all the things she loves about you, and all the ways i appreciate what you do for us, but all of that seems trivial compared to what really matters. 

yes, you are an amazing daddy. there is no doubt about that. you wake up early and head out to start work before some men even leave the house. you stay up late to hang out with me {and sometimes listen to me cry}. You make bottles, change stinky diapers, read princess books and iron little dresses. you are the greatest oatmeal maker that there is, and you can make all the tears of our little girl go away by a simple hug. you amaze me at your natural ability to do something you thought would be unnatural for you to do. but, those are not the things i am most thankful for. 

nick, i am brought to me knees, arms out in worship to Jesus this afternoon for you. today Jesus revealed to me that you are building the most beautiful legacy. as the words from pastor mark were on repeat in my mind, i watched a mama and a daddy baptize their daughter, and a daddy be baptized while his daughter stood next to the tub jumping for joy, and it suddenly hit me. you are leaving this incredibly legacy. Jesus grabbed your heart only a handful of years ago and called you to himself. your family didnt take you to church every sunday, you didnt grow up knowing Jesus and reading your Bible. it wasnt until you were in your 20's that you responded to his call and gave your whole life over to him. by making that choice you didnt just impact and change your own life, you changed mine - and our daughter, and the lives of the children Jesus has not yet blessed us with. you are the starting link in the chain {to use the words of pastor mark}, there was no other link before you, and Lord willing there will be many links following you. you are {by the grace of God} the patriarch of this family. my prayer, is that our children's children will love and serve Jesus because their mama or daddy heard about him from you. you are making a huge impact in this family. i am not certain if i have ever loved you more than i do today. i am thankful that you are seeking Jesus with passion. that you desire to put him first in your life, and for the example that you are  setting for our daughter. 

i stopped today for a moment to just watch you hold our little girl. there were tears in your eyes as you watched children be baptized, and there in your lap was a little girl, with a little bag of popcorn in her hands and her head on your chest. she felt loved, and safe, and secured. i watched this moment where i knew you were desiring the chance to someday baptize our little girl and watch Jesus grab her life and change it - just like he had done to yours. i pray for that day too. 

this year for fathers day, i want you to know that i love and appreciate all you do. but that more than anything i love and appreciate who you do it all for - not for yourself, but to give honor and glory to Jesus Christ. thank you for not taking the responsibility lightly, and for loving us with a passionate, intense love. i hope you know how much you are loved and what a blessing you are. 


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