maggie here and there.

i dont have a lot of words for you today.
just this.


one of maggie's bff's came over one afternoon this week.
i think maggie thought she was in heaven.

   we made Easter egg rice crispie treats.
and decorated them with sprinkles.

 and while i was not looking, someone thought
it would be a good idea to eat sprinkles by the handful.
i dont really blame her. 

naptime fancy.

she is getting so big.
she spent the night at gramps and grammys house
over the weekend. 

i wish i had her lashes.

  hipster baby

this is my new favorite picture.
she is getting so big. 
 too big.

eating french toast sticks at ikea.
i think they were still a little warm. 

just watching some peppa pig before bed.

and, just to keep it real.
 we have about 1 of these fits a day it seems. 

happy friday friends!


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